Equestrian Clothing and What to Invest In

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, there’s no avoiding the fact that finding the right equestrian clothing is an important task. Riding is not always a gentle hobby, and it certainly takes its toll on our clothing. Even the gentlest trot down a country lane can lead to mud splattered clothing, and it makes sense to purchase the best quality specialist or designer equestrian clothing that you possibly can. Making things last is important, and nobody wants to shell out more than necessary, so shop around and get to know all there is to know about the best equestrian clothing on the market today.

Perhaps the most important part of any equestrian clothing that you will buy is the safety-wear. dappleeq facebookSafety wear can include reflective clothing, body protectors and rider supports and of course helmets. Reflective equestrian fashion comes in many shapes and sizes the simplest being a basic vest designed to be worn over jackets to maximize visibility when light conditions are less than bright. Reflective clothing is a great idea if you’re fond of an early morning or evening ride, particularly during winter months. Helmets should never be neglected, and it is important to know your size and the type of helmet which is best for you before you buy.

We all want to look good in our equestrian clothing and with such a vast range available today it’s not difficult to be stylish while riding. Many designer brands are available to suit all tastes and pockets. Remember the key to looking good in equestrian fashion is to be comfortable above all else. Clothing that fits well and is of good quality will always come first in the style stakes. Jodhpurs and jackets in natural colors look great, as do well-fitted boots and helmets. Second-hand equestrian clothing isn’t always a great idea due to fitting problems and wear and tear Other important accessories of equestrian clothing are helmets, hats, and gloves among other things. These are vital for the safety of the rider along with the safe handling of the horses as well. Invest in the best that your budget will allow for and choose what will last season after season and you won’t go wrong. A suitable generous size t-shirt would do well if you are going on a trail, or wearing bright colors for visibility. Many riders wear vests when the weather gets cooler. There are winter coats to cope with extreme climates. Equestrian clothing that fits you comfortably helps you be one with your horse.

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