Top Boot Styles and Concepts

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There are various types of top horse riding boots available online. Perhaps the most recognizable riding boots are a pair of standard long leather riding boots. However, there are many other styles of riding boots available, each suited to different riders and different activities.

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Long leather riding boots are top boots that reach to just below the knee and often, but not always, feature a rear zip so that the wearer can easily ‘step into’ them. These are sometimes called dress boots and are often worn by competitive riders, especially dressage riders and show jumpers.

Long leather Secchiari Hand Made Top Boots riding boots with lacing at the front of the ankle are known as field boots. The lacing allows for more flexibility so that the rider can adjust the fit in this area. These boots are especially suited to jumping sports due to this increased flexibility.

Features of long riding boots can include everything from a sturdy sole to diamante and patent leather! Black riding boots and brown riding boots are also available for the rider to choose from. They are designed to be worn with breeches which end just above the ankle, preventing material from bunching up around the ankle and causing discomfort. While being easier to care for, they will not mold to your leg or last as long as properly looked after leather riding boots.

Short riding boots, which end just above the ankle, are often called jodhpur or paddock boots and are available in leather or synthetic material. Jodhpur boots are usually a ‘pull on’ style, with elasticated side gussets or perhaps a front or rear zip, to make putting them on and taking them off easier. Paddock boots feature the lace up front, which allows the wearer to customize the fit to the shape and size of their feet.

Short riding boots are designed to be worn with jodhpurs which end below the ankle. They are popular with leisure riders and children alike due to being easy to wear and economical. They are also more suited to wear around the yard and fields than long riding boots.

Jodhpur and paddock boots can be worn with chaps or gaiters to give the appearance of long riding boots while retaining their flexibility. Jodhpur boots with a pair of leather gaiters will resemble a pair of long riding boots, while paddock boots with gaiters will look similar to field boots. All these types of boots are available online and at affordable prices.

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